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Better Bhutan

Your Personal Bhutan Adventure

Your Bhutan experience is limited only by time and your personal interests. If you have only four or five days, it is difficult to see more than just Paro and Thimphu. If you have ten days to two weeks you can see places that most tours miss.

All of our tours are private. If you have a group, we are happy to handle all of the arrangements. However, we do not put together groups of strangers with fixed departure dates.

A private English-speaking guide and a driver will travel with you throughout the tour. We choose only those guides who have outstanding skills and enthusiasm, who speak English (and other languages in some cases) fluently, and who are committed to the quality of the experience their guests have from beginning to end.


One of your most memorable experiences may be to include one of the many colorful festivals in Bhutan. To read about festivals in Bhutan <Go Here> . Many people choose specific travel dates so that we can weave their itinerary around specific Bhutan festivals. Please plan well in advance for major festivals in Paro, Thimphu and Bumthang.

Suggested Itineraries

The programs below are the most popular of our itineraries. However, we are by no means restricted to just these. In addition to these, we can organize custom trips for guests who have special interests, like fly fishing (catch and release, of course) and ornithology.

Custom Bhutan Tours Built for You

Every tour is different because every customer is different. All of our tours are custom tours designed to give you a quality Bhutan travel eperience. We will work with you to achieve your dream itinerary taking into account your special interests and requirements. We can incorporate short hikes, bike rides, or a helicopter flight over Paro and Thimphu. You can visit a school, tour a brewery, watch honey extracted and bottled at a bee-keepers' cooperative, get some meditation instruction from a monk, or watch local textiles being woven. Two recent guests mentioned that they wanted a fondue dinner at Swiss Lodge in Bumthang. We made that happen, and took them to dinner at another Swiss restaurant in Thimphu. All we need to know is what interests you most so we can customize your experience.

Get a Sample Bhutan Tour Itinerary

The suggested Bhutan itineraries below are brief. If you would like to see a more detailed version please click/tap on the cloud to the left of the description to download a copy. You will need a pdf reader .

If you prefer to receive a copy by email instead please let us know: [email protected] . We will be happy to send a copy to one or more friends as well. Please indicate whether you want a PDF, Microsoft Word, RTF or HTML version.

Cloud Four Days and three nights: Paro and Thimphu This is shortest itinerary. If you are planning to visit India and/or Nepal and want to get a taste of Bhutan, this is your best option, although we don't think it is nearly enough time enjoy the wonders of Bhutan.
Cloud Four Days and three nights in the Haa Valley This is not really intended to be a stand-alone tour, but it could be if you plan to be in India or Nepal and want a short stop-over to enjoy nature or do some fishing. We suggest Haa Valley as an easy add-on to any of our longer tours especially if you are an angler who loves the idea of catching magnificent brown and rainbow trout in a pristine Himalayan valley surrounded by old an old pine forest.
seven days and six nights in Bhutan Seven Days and six nights You might call this journey "Bhutan Basics" because it visits the most essential places for visitors to see: Paro, Thimphu, Wangduephodrang, Punakha, and Ganteay/Phobjika Valley. Or you could call it a "Bhutan Quickie," since there really is quite a bit more to see. But since there is no rule that says you can visit Bhutan only once, this is an excellent introduction to the Land of the Druk Yul.
Cloud Eight Days and seven nights
We have found a way to include all of the places you visit in our nine-night tour in just seven nights. We don't really cut corners or shorten stays anywhere. But you can not begin this trip any day you like, like all of our other journeys. You can begin only three days a week. But if you are flexible, this option has great value.
Cloud Eight Days and seven nights in Eastern Bhutan
If you are returning to Bhutan for a second or third visit, you can enjoy lesser-visited Eastern Bhutan and skip everywhere else you have probably already visited. One night in Paro at the beginning and one night in either Paro or the Haa Valley at the end and travel by short domestic flights to the Central and Eastern regions without exiting by road to India. (We have a trip that does this below below.)
Cloud Ten Days and nine nights
This is our most popular itinerary because you will travel farther east to see places that are visited by fewer people, including a couple nights in rustic Bumthang, where you will be rewarded with buckwheat pancakes, yak butter tea, splendid local handicrafts, possibly a visit to a local home, and some of the most magnificent scenery you can imagine. You will also visit Trongsa, a lovely village with a colorful local market, two museums, and a magnificent dzong perched on a steep mountainside.
Cloud Fourteen Days and thirteen nights
This is the ultimate Bhutan tour. You travel the entire width of Bhutan, exiting at Samdrop Jongkkar on the Indian border. The city of Guwahati is not far away. We can arrange for a couple of days there with sightseeing, or you can take one of the frequent daily flights to Delhi, and your connection onward. You can begin this one-way adventure in either Paro or Samdrop Jongkhar (which will require an overnight in Guwahati). In addition to all of the places you would see in our nine-night program, you also see Mongar, Trashigang, Trashi Yangtze, and the Thrumshin and Kori La Passes. If you are returning to Bhutan for a second or third visit we can give you a shorter version of this trip if you fly from Paro to Bumthang, which allows you to skip the places you have already visited.
Cloud Do it your own way
If none of these itineraries are a perfect fit we will be happy to create one tailored to your personal requirements. We can add extra nights or places not already included in our itineraries. If you see a program offered by another company that is perfect for you, we will duplicate it. For us, every guest's tour is a custom tour anyway.
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