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Naksel Boutique Hotel & Spa

Naksel, a community-based project that is eco-friendly and energy efficient, blends the heritage of traditional Bhutanese architecture and the comfort of modern amenities. Main construction materials for Naksel are indigenous and locally made. Traditional windows, mud bricks, wood-crafting, and even our furniture were locally crafted here in Ngoba Village, connecting Naksel to the surrounding forest.

The hotel is located in the quiet village of Ngoba, 8 kilometers from Paro Town. Comprised of 50 households, most of Ngoba's residents are farmers of vast apple orchards, rice paddies, and potato fields. With the development of Naksel, every home now has access to the road leading to Paro, mountain spring water, and electricity.

Standing tall above the Paro Valley is Jumolhari, the iconic mountain of Bhutan. At 7,300 meters, Jumolhari is the source of the Paro Chu (Paro River) and forms the border that separates Tibet from the Paro District of Bhutan. Every room, cottage, and suite at Naksel Hotel features dramatic views of Jumolhari towering in the distance.

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