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For a quality Bhutan travel experience, Better Bhutan offers superior quality tour packages with better hotels - How You Can Have a Better Bhutan Travel Experience

Bhutan is an idyllic Himalayan Kingdom with a pristine environment. It is the world's first non-smoking country and the only country in the world that is carbon negative. Bhutan has deep cultural roots.

Bhutan is not a cheap destination for visitors, nor do we offer the cheapest Bhutan tours. If you are looking for the cheapest Bhutan tour you will end up with a cheap experience. Tourism is regulated by minimum pricing for all-inclusive travel to Bhutan. Better Bhutan is a tour company specializing in superior quality Bhutan tour packages that offer something better than most other companies. We offer superior a quality Bhutan tour packages for independent travel to bhutan. with better hotels. You do not have to use five star hotels in Bhutan to have a better experience because we use carefully-chosen hotels that offer better quality and facilities than the cheapest hotels that most tour companies use. We believe that superior quality hotels result in a better quality Bhutan travel experience. We include better meals everywhere--a Bhutan tour without the buffet. In the end you get a better quality Bhutan travel experience without the five star price, although you will get five star service. Better Bhutan offers some of the best bespoke Bhutan tours available. We live and work in Bhutan and have our own operations staff and highly experienced private English speaking guides to help make your private Bhutan tour the experience of a lifetime. With Better Bhutan you get highest quality meals and five star service.

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