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How Much Does It Cost?

At US$200 to $250 per day the established Bhutan tour package cost sounds expensive until you realize that one price includes everything--hotel, meals, transportation, driver, guide, and admission costs. By comparison, a four or five-star hotel in Tokyo, London, New York or New Delhi may cost far more per night than the cost of a day in Bhutan that includes everything.

Bhutan tour prices are seasonal and fixed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB), the Kingdom's government tourism organization. During low season (January, February, and June through September and December) nightly rate is US$200. During high season (March through May and September through November) the cost is $250 per night. Additional costs apply for fewer than three people traveling together, and for single occupancy of a hotel room.

Understanding how price are set will help you get more for your money. Look here to sort out the mysteries of Bhutan prices.

With Us, You Get to Choose Your Own Hotels

If you choose to work with BetterBhutan you get to choose the hotels where you stay. Practically no other tour company offers such flexibility. We think it is Better to have options. As you will soon see, you are not limited to hotels that fit the fixed price. There are very nice hotels that charge slightly more than the minimum priced hotels allowed by TCB. In Paro, Thimphu and Bumthang there are even luxury hotels available at US$300 or more additional per night.

Trekking & Hiking

Many people are attracted to Bhutan for hiking or trekking. The minimum daily cost applies, whether you sleep in a tent or a hotel room. While we do not specialize in trekking, we are happy to accommodate some hikes in your itinerary if you let us know what level of difficulty you can handle. If you want to rough it, there are several two- and three-night treks we can weave into your itinerary.

You have options

What most visitors to Bhutan do not understand is that the minimum daily fixed price is not their only option, so they usually end up with the lowest cost hotels available so the tour company maximizes its profit. But why not enjoy Bhutan without compromising on hotels or meals? You can. We have a better idea.

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