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What Better Bhutan's Customers Have to Say

(We began accepting reviews in October 2017 along with the opening of our Thimphu office. Reviews are strictly voluntary.)

Better Bhutan turned an ordinary vacation into a private adventure and enriching experience

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“Going into it, I couldn't imagine what would fill our time in such a tiny country for 9 days. But I had faith based on our successful trip to Cambodia put together by Purple Dragon (Better Bhutan's parent company) and I didn't do anything to prepare. I let Better Bhutan do the design—hotels, sites, restaurants and logistics. Now, I'll never take a group tour again knowing that I can have control over our time, avoid the negative effects of being in a group, and best of all, indulge and cultivate a more personal relationship with my guide and driver. Better Bhutan exceeded my expectations. Let me elaborate....”

Novel Experiences, Amazing Pictures, Wonderful Memories

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“We explored Bhutan with the Better Bhutan team in late September 2016 and spent an adventurous ten days traveling through central Bhutan. We came to Bhutan via Delhi, so managed to fit in a short trip to the Taj Mahal at Agra before the short flight to Paro. The flight is, like most things linked to Bhutan, pretty unique, we flew business class and in the hour long flight had a....”

Michael Loved Bhutan

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“The thrill starts before you even land. As the plane approaches Paro, you get anawesome view of the snow-capped peaks along Bhutan's northern border. Then the planebanks sharply left over the mountain, and Paro valley (and the airport runway) is suddenly beneath you. The plane makes a sharp descent down into the valley, then a U-turn to....”

An Unforgettable Experience

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I wanted to visit Bhutan for quite some time; for me it was a combination of mystique adventure, mountains, monasteries, Asian food and some Swiss guesthouse somewhere in the middle of Bhutan (I am originally....”

Daniel K. Loved Bhutan (And Our Wonderful Guide)

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Bhutan is a land where religion, history, culture, customs, art and architecture are a unified living reality. It is a land of spectacularly rugged geography peopled with gentle souls.

My guide, Yeshey, was wonderful, knowledgeable, charming, respectful and fun. But he was more than just a guide--he was a living embodiment of all that makes Bhutan a magical place. After two weeks crossing Bhutan, we began our descent into India. The dream was ending. Tears filled my eyes.

Daniel Kenneally

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